Current Projects

Pegswood Community Garden

Developing a barren space to become a community garden with focus on the heritage of the village and place for remembrance. Works expected to be completed by mid-July.

Big Clean Events

Providing skips and carrying out litter picks at locations throughout the village during the year.
Look out for notices on website and Parish noticeboards

Environment improvements

New planters in Butterwell Drive/Cookswell Estate roadsides being placed in the coming year.
Seating at Brocksburn Park roundabout under the PWBWI ‘Bee Comfortable’ project and new landscaping.

Dog friendly area at JOAA

Creating a new fenced in dog friendly area adjacent to JOAA

Seating at St Margaret’s Chapel Memorial Garden

Provide seating and improved pathway allowing accessibility for all visitors.


No ONE can do it all but EVERYONE can make a difference!

There are a variety of things to do around the village that the Parish Council appreciate any help with, some activities
on a weekly basis but not all requiring regular commitment.  Pop in to see us or speak to a Councillor for further
details or get in touch through the contact form.

Any time given is welcomed in making the village the best place to live!

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